About Light The Deep

Creating sounds that borrow from a variety of musical influences from electronic to blues, Light the Deep is the moniker of David Brooks.

David began studying music at the age of 6 with piano lessons, but it wasn’t until high school that he started seriously writing and producing songs. During his teenage years, he often performed concerts in venues like churches or a friend’s barn. In college, he continued to produce and record music for bands and artists as well as his music, which he created under a variety of aliases.

He absorbed as much music as he could acquire, studying groups and artists from every part of the possible musical range. After college, David met Jason McAnally and together performed several shows before going their separate ways.

David became a web designer and visual artist for several years, taking a break from writing and performing music almost entirely. In 2010 David took on the name of Fair Flame and released his first solo track in six years, Soleil. That song served as an ice breaker after years of not writing. It also made him realize just how much he missed creating music.

2013 brought a change of scenery and direction for David as he sought to incorporate visuals, art, and design with his music. As a result, he took on the name Light the Deep, feeling it connected better with the new artistic direction.

David is currently working on a larger body of new music and art, due for release in 2020. He has also written soundtracks for several video games.

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