Music From The Depths

Music From the Depths - EP-012

Lost – Music From The Depths – EP-012

EP-012 revisits a song I wrote 17 years ago. To fit in here, I gave it more of an ambient twist.

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Music From The Depths - EP-011 - Previously Untitled

Previously Untitled – Music From The Depths – EP-011

About fourteen years ago I wrote a song that only four people heard. This week I decided to rework it for the podcast.

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Art for Music From the Depths - EP-010

Currents – Music From The Depths – EP-010

This mix reminds me of the ocean, and how sometimes currents can take us to places we would never have imagined.

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Music From the Depths EP-009

Nova – Music From The Depths – EP-009

This mix borrows from Bossa Nova, Massive Attack, and Ambient Rock Music.

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Music From the Depths - EP-008

Scattered Light – Music From the Depths – EP-008

This glitchy, tech-y mix is the result of a challenge I issued to myself – write a rhythm loop and use it to build the whole rest of the mix.

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Light The Deep. Music From The Depths - Ep 007

Sometimes There Are Ashes – Music From The Depths – EP. 007

I started this song fully intending to make it a nice, calming, happy mix. The end result was something different. I thought about rewriting it, but sometimes we need the honest soundtrack for what is really going on around us.

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Music from the depths, EP 006 written over a sparking fire

Don’t Blink – Music From The Depths – EP. 006

I wanted to do something special to celebrate the 100th download. 100 is the first milestone I had for this, and hopefully the first of many.

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Waves – Music From The Depths – Ep. 005

This glitchy ambient mix draws inspiration from the ocean and a bit of guitar.

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Light The Deep - Music From The Depths - False Reflections

False Reflections – Music From The Depths – Ep. 004

A semi-cinematic, somewhat dark, ambient soundscape.

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Music From The Depths - As The Calm Sets In

Music From The Depths – Ep. 003

This episode is a little different from the previous editions, and it’s a lot more musical. I was asked to create something to help fight anxiety, but the original track I made just wasn’t right. I wrote and rewrote this release a few times, but I’m happy with where it landed. I know we’re surrounded by chaos right now, but I hope this helps.

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Music From The Depths - EP 002

Music From The Depths – Ep. 002

In this episode we explore ambient textures and soundscapes. Some of it gets a little dark, but it shouldn’t have the kids screaming or anything. 😉

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Music From The Depths - EP 001

Lights Of Aging Stars – Music From The Depths – Ep. 001

In this episode I look back through old work and give it new life. There are bits from video and game soundtracks, unreleased and unheard music. Styles range from ambient to upbeat electronic.

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Light the Deep - Music Fromm The Depths

Music From The Depths – Ep. 000

Every month I’ll be releasing at least two mixes of original music. To do that, I’ll dig into the music I made a long time ago, and some that I’ve written more recently. I’ll probably have an occasional guest, too. Style-wise, these will often be ambient, atmospheric, soundscapes. But I also have a weak spot for intricate, glitchy, granular drums. And since I’ve written in a lot of styles, there’s no telling where each mix will go.

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