Nova – Music From The Depths – EP-009

Published on September 7, 2020


A couple of days before I started work on EP-009, I caught a video where Adam Neely breaks down The Girl From Ipanema. I always found Bossa Nova to be fascinating, but I had never considered why it fascinated me.

If you’re into the technical or theory side of music, that video is incredible.

Inspired by that, and Bossa Nova in general, I let it influence this week’s track. Before you hit “play” with those expectations, you should know that this isn’t a Bossa Nova song. It does take hints from how Bossa Nova builds drums and layers rhythms, but that’s as far as the similarities go.

And that’s because about halfway into the song, my friend RJ sent me a guitar track that layered nicely onto what I had written.

So, like how The Girl From Ipanema borrowed from Samba and Jazz, this song borrows from Bossa Nova, Massive Attack, ambient music, and Rock and Roll.



The show is available at these places right now, but more are coming soon.

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