EP-021 – 5cru663r

Published on February 22, 2021


Not long ago, we found water damage in the kitchen of our house. In Florida, that means you get a mold test done. As a result of that test, a nice group of men wheeled an air scrubber into our house and began to tear our kitchen apart. 

Then, they brought a second air scrubber because the first was lonely.

Our house has been filled with the sound of moving air. You can’t hear anything in the kitchen and living room. Instead of canceling the mix, or recording elsewhere, I had an idea. 

What if the entire mix was made from samples of the air scrubbers? 

So I got out the microphones and started recording. I sampled both machines, one recorded up close with the SM-57 and Shure KSM mics. The second was recorded through the exit chamber of the containment tunnel from the kitchen by jamming a SM-57 into it. The result was different types of “air moving past microphones” samples. 

With a lot of finagling, I finalized 9 samples that I used to make this. And it’s made entirely from those 9 samples. (Plus a whole lot of sound manipulation.) 

If you’re new here, this isn’t a typical mix. 

But I hope you enjoy it!


The show is available at these places right now, but more are coming soon.

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